The Wrestling Files – Episode 1 – Wrestlemania 1!

Welcome to the Wrestling Files podcast website! I’m Mac, an avid fan of wrestling and have been the entirety of my life. My wife, Sam, not so much. I kind of sprung on it her once we got married, but her being the champ she is has begrudgingly accepted me for the person I am and has even taken in a number of PPVs and events over the last few years. Every time we watch an event, we would end up discussing why this was believable why something else in the show was unbelievable.

Thus, the Wrestling Files was born. I’m your Mulder, the believer, while Sam is your skeptic, your version of Scully.

In our first episode, we dig down, watch Wrestlemania 1, and provide with you our thoughts throughout the entire PPV. That’s right, we review the grandaddy of them all in our VERY first episode!

So sit back and relax. This is a journey through the history of wrestling, starting with WWE PPVs. We’ve got a lot of watching to do, which means we’re going to have plenty of opinions during the journey. Glad you’ve stopped by. We hope you enjoy!


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